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Impending Fate
May 6, 2021 by Manasi Patil
Creative Writing

Impending Fate is the third book in the series, Shattered Triangle.
This novel speaks from the point of view of Giovanni Lozano, and progresses with the plots of the other protagonists of the series, Lt. Tom Moran, Giuseppe Lozano, and Giovanni himself.

After reuniting with his wife, Emily, Lt. Tom Moran is set to bring justice and arrest Giuseppe Lozano for arranging the murder of his family in order to gain sympathy votes for a seat representing California in the United States Senate.

Fr. Giovanni Lozano is working with Tom to help him arrest his twin brother. After approximately 3 years of mental torture, he is ready to do anything to bring Giuseppe to justice.

Giuseppe Lozano is primed to attain the presidency of the United States. He's even more ruthless than ever, after killing his best friend, Jackson, to leave no trace of his plans and cruel workings.

3 determined people, 1 genius murderer, and an "impending fate."

After the identity of the murderer of Giuseppe Lozano's family is revealed in
Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder, and the story if followed in Beleaguered Truth, I was beyond obsessed with the Shattered Triangle series. William P. Messenger is my new favorite author, and I'm so glad to have had this opportunity of reading the trilogy.

Impending Fate is a riveting combination of religion, politics and mystery.

The story beginning in
Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder progresses further, and unfortunately, also ends in Impending Fate.

Emily is a brilliant journalist, and she, with the support of Tom and Giovanni, is hurrying to expose the truth of who Giuseppe is, and save the country. Giuseppe's relationship with Jackson is developed further and it is a cruel twist when the former first kills Jackson's partner in order to be with him, and then kills Jackson himself, when he sees him as a potential threat to his ambitions.

Giovanni is ready to break the sacrament in order to save the country and do the right thing. He may get banished from his church for doing so, but after 3 years, he is prepared for the consequences.

Fr. Giovanni Lozano, a Catholic priest, after failing to find any good in Giuseppe, is ready to take an necessary risks to try his best to have his twin brother arrested.
Lt. Tom Moran loses his job after an event which was enacted to help Emily in her task of exposing the truth about Giuseppe in the
Los Angeles Times.

Senator Giuseppe Lozano, all powerful and almost having no heart (according to me) is set to achieve the position of President of the United States and remove and hindrances that might halt his path to power.

Emily Cartwright, a resilient and experienced journalist, is literally walking on the trail of life-threatening danger after making it her mission to bring Giuseppe to justice.

The question is, will the broken shards of the shattered triangle survive?

5/5 stars


Authors Reading on June 25, 2018

Impending Fate is a suspenseful, emotional, page-turner of a book that finalizes William P. Messenger's trilogy that evolved around the lives of two twin brothers Giuseppe and Giovanni Lozano and their lifelong acquaintance Tom Moran. It's a trilogy that confronts a family's deepest, darkest secrets. Impending Fate picks up roughly three years after Giuseppe's family had been slaughtered in their home. The heinous crime had never completely been solved, and many questions were left unanswered, but there is a consensus between Tom Moran who is now an LA police detective and Giovanni Lozano who is now a priest that they know who is responsible for the death of Giuseppe's family.

Giuseppe had entered politics and after winning a seat in the US Senate becomes obsessed with aspirations of becoming the US President. Senator Giuseppe personifies the power-hungry politician who will stop at nothing to win. Packed with politics, family secrets, corruption, brutality, and fear this 300-page book is really a story of the disparity between identical twins.

Detective Moran and Father Giovanni realize that without real solid evidence supporting their gut feelings that their speculations would be quickly squashed and met with ridicule. Just their mere suggestion that this seemingly upright, clean-cut and politically powerful individual could be behind such a heinous crime would be extremely dangerous. It's sometimes easier not to acknowledge life's most uncomfortable truths, but sooner or later, everything bubbles to the surface.

The pressure on the killer mounts when an exposé by the Los Angeles Times divulges evidence that shocks the nation and the seriously dents the armor that the killer had hidden behind. The public wants to know why this evidence had been kept secret. The old and almost forgotten Lozano family murders were not the topic of all the talking heads on TV and radio.

Messenger ends the saga of the twins in an extremely well-written and exhaustively detailed final chapter to the Shattered Triangle trilogy. If you have not read the previous two books, "Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder" and "Beleaguered Truth: Book Two of Shattered Triangle Trilogy" you are missing an excellent modern day Cain and Abel tale.

William P. Messenger gives crime-fiction fans a well-conceived murder mystery that is also an engaging thriller that deftly explores the depths of human evil and political corruptness. Join detective Tom Moran at Parker Center, the headquarters for the LAPD as he tries to prove that we are all equal under the law. "Impending Fate" is a story you'll keep thinking about long after the violent final episode.


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